All You Need to Know About My Book (5 FAQs)

On Monday July 18th, I published my first book. Since that day I have been asked multiple questions, usually along the lines of; “Why did you write a book?” and “How much did it cost?” etc. And if you don’t know the entire “God Story” as I like to call it, of how this all happened then you probably have lots of questions. So I thought I would answer 5 of the most frequently asked questions in depth (well not too in depth, don’t want it to take an hour for you to read this) to give you a clear picture of the what, why and how of this book I have written. Let’s get started!

Question 1: What is your book about?

To sound philosophical and deep, I will answer this question simply; my book is about life. I know that is very broad but it’s hard to exactly pinpoint the nature of it since it is a collection of various poems. I wrote the poems of the course of about 2 years and each poem tells a different story. A story about a first love, about making hard decisions and finding myself amongst all the beautiful, and the not-so-beautiful, things life threw at me. My book is more of a journey of what it meant for me, during that time, to find who I truly was. Simply, it’s the roller coaster of events that somehow brought me into where I am today.

Question 2: Why did you want to write a book?

When I began writing I wasn’t looking at the end goal of writing a book, I was writing and living life. By the time I knew I was going to publish something, I had already written over 200 poems, of which I chose 50 (don’t ask how long that process took haha). Anyway, I had always wanted to have the opportunity to publish a book and I had no idea it was going to happen this quickly (more about this in the next question) or how to make it happen. The reason I wanted to publish a book was to be able to give a voice (see what I did there 😉 )  to things in life that we have all experienced. I wanted to share my story, to offer hope and inspiration. I wanted to remind people that God always takes our messes and turns them into something beautiful. You might not write a book but maybe there’s something else you will do that will also show the world how he can take our brokenness and turn it into something amazing that will change the world. *inspirational speech over*.

Question 3: How did this happen?

Okay, so this one is probably the most asked question and the story I don’t ever want to stop telling!  December 2015, I was attending Catch the Fire School of Ministry in Toronto. I got a call from my mom one day, she mentioned how my grandfather was not doing so well. Fast forward a couple days and I got the news that he had passed away in his sleep. I was 10 days from going home for Christmas break and I’d been praying that he would make it till then. More than anything I felt a deep sense of regret and loss for not having the chance to say goodbye to him. I wanted to go home. With no option than to face the grief I ran to the only thing I knew, besides Jesus, to deal with this; I wrote a poem. It was more a goodbye than anything to my beloved grandfather. I didn’t think it would be something I shared with anyone. 2 weeks later when I was back at home in Sweden, my family and I went to my grandfather’s funeral. To my surprise, my mom decided to read that exact poem aloud. It was beautiful, and heartbreaking at the same time. 3 days later it was Christmas and my uncle said he had a present from one of his old friends who had attended the funeral. Grabbing everyones attention he read this note aloud from his friend; “Hanna, I was so impressed by the poem your mother read at your grandfather’s funeral. I wanted to give you something that would inspire you to continue writing, I want to print your first poetry book at my printing company.” I think God knew. He knew I wanted to publish a book and he knew that despite the recent tragedy, my grandfather’s story was going to be redeemed. It was the ray the hope we all needed in a time of grieving and loss. And that’s how it happened! I proceeded to choose poems, edit and begin the design process. Within 6 months from that time I was holding the book in my hands. I will never get tired of that story because I don’t want to forget God’s faithfulness and ability to turn darkness into life and bring hope.

Question 4: What does it look like?

Before I show you some photos of the interior of the book I just want to say one thing. I noticed when it was first published how many people were taken a back and surprised by the inside of the book. My whole vision for the book wasn’t just to have all these words on paper (although that’s really good!) but to pair all those words with pictures. Of course I want the words to be the focus but I feel like I was able to tell more of story with each poem with the addition of photos. And I am such a visual person that I HAD to have a book full of color and prettiness!

Take a look:


Question 5: How can I order it?

I AM GLAD YOU ASKED! lol. You can order it by emailing me at, please include the number of copies and your address in the email so I can ship it you!


I really hope that covered everything! If not, please email me or send me a message I would love to hear from you!

With love,





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