The Secret Place

Unseen, covered.
Kept hidden for so long.
The damp smell of the cave has become a weird form of safety.
I have learnt to build fire with stones, 
I have learnt to make music with rocks, 
And paint the stone walls.  

I have run away from my enemies.  
They try to throw spears and 
I have been forced to find safety. 
But it is here, in the cave of darkness that you are making me.  

Barren and cold, I learned to run to you for warmth. 
Dark and abandoned, I learned to run to you for light. 

When everything was stripped from me, 
You clothed me. 
When everyone was against me, 
You were on my side. 

Through it all, through it all
You have been building me. 

Because in the sacredness of my humility and shame,
You taught me the love your name. 
In the secret place of growth and stretching, 
You taught me who I was. 
My identity is not a secret, but you have kept me hidden; 
To prepare this heart for something greater.  

You built me in the secret place, 
To put me on display on the greater space. 

I will trust you in the secret place, in this dark cave. 
It is there I will sing of your faithfulness,
And it is there you will cover me with your love. 

I may be hidden, but never from your sight. 

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