“Enjoy the adventure of finding yourself by losing yourself in me.” Jesus Calling (Sarah Young)

There is glory in surrender. There is adventure in letting go. And there is freedom in saying yes. 

I feel like 2017 is going to be a year of great surrender, of taking risks into the unknown that will ultimately break down walls of fear and shame, leading to freedom like never before. For so much of my life I have played it safe, especially in my relationship with the Lord. I would find myself in a cycle of only offering the parts of myself I felt like I could trust God with and calling it vulnerability. But being vulnerable and real with God isn’t about playing it safe. Vulnerability requires you to dare to take that jump off a cliff, realizing that God is there to catch you, always. Taking risks with God pushes past our walls of our ability to trust and forces us to depend on him like never before. Doesn’t that sound exciting? You, my friend, were made for adventure, I was made for adventure. But it is so easy to shy away from adventure. Unfortunately our fear of failure, rejection and shame keep us locked inside the box of living half-heartedly. Shame tells us that there is something fundamentally wrong with us. However, as we begin to choose realness over fear of not being liked, and saying yes when saying no is safer, we start to see shame fall off of us and freedom calling our name. Surrendering isn’t fun. A lot of the time surrendering looks like giving up our own plans and agendas and choosing to believe that God is more in control than we could ever be. Letting go like that is risky, but its glorious because freedom is knocking at your door just waiting for you to open it. And as you begin to do what feels like losing yourself, you find yourself, because you start standing on the truth of who God has called you to be. When you dare to be vulnerable, take risks and jump off that cliff, you are embarking on the most beautiful adventure of trusting the Father like never before and He, my friend, will never, ever let you down.


Happy New Year,




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