Halfway Point #takethejump2017

“Adventure begins where certainty ends.”

We are halfway through 2017 (well 7 months), and most of us by now have more or less left behind that new years feeling of determination and excitement. If you are anything like me you are sitting here wondering where the heck 2017 has gone and how can it be July already. Well July is here which marks a little more than halfway through this glorious, crazy and exciting year. When I sat down and asked God about 2017 I really felt like it was year for adventure, surrender and saying yes. Those words at first glance seem so simple and exciting but the past 6 months have taught me the weight of those words. Ultimately we are all on a journey of learning to trust God with our everything which looks a lot like letting go of control. I’ve written, sung and prayed about letting go and surrendering but there is something significant that has shifted inside of me showing me the depth of letting go. The more I have reached out my hand to Abba the more I’ve had to give up my own safety and comfort. Additionally, as I continue to let God tell me who I am in Him I have to let go of who I thought I was. At this point it can feel like I have absolutely nothing to hold on to. No longer can I ground my identity in what I can do or place my safety in the hand of worry and anxiety, it just doesn’t work anymore. The Father has been teaching what adventure means on his terms. Adventure looks like wild faith and blind trust. I’m approaching a huge change in my life in a matter of months. I’m moving to a new city all by myself to start a completely new life. And I am so excited. But there is no doubt that I have my moments of anxiety when I let fear into my thoughts telling me that maybe this is a bad idea and I should do something safer instead. My flesh and my fear say; “yes!” because that way I can stay in control and I won’t have to surrender. But the Father is inviting me to say a different YES, yes to this adventure, yes to having faith like never before (that makes me feel like I’m walking on a tightrope 1000 feet in the air) and yes to letting love determine my steps. Adventure begins where certainty ends, when who we thought we were is challenged and changed and what we thought would be shifts into something different. Adventure begins as we step onto that tightrope leaving fear of not being liked, making a mistake and not being in control on the other side and choose to walk with courage like never before. Adventure begins when you say YES!


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